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Wide Range of Domestic Appliances

Every home needs a wide range of domestic appliances to boast a functional home. From dryers to washing machines to cookers, to freezers, to range-hoods and ovens, there’s little you can do without these appliances in your home.

However, it’s not enough to have these appliances; you must also boast high-quality designs and appliances. At Indesit, we recognise this reality, and that’s where we step in. We offer high-quality appliances to homes and retailers. We ensure that they can boast of the best options within the market.

Kitchen Appliances

Laundry Appliances

About Us

Over the years, we have established ourselves as industry leaders in the European market. Today, we are the top pick in various markets such as Russia, Italy and the United Kingdom. We continue to expand our reach to ensure that we can produce various appliances that meet homeowners’ needs across the world. This is what has seen us expand into the Australian market. In the coming years, we hope to be the number one option in the Australian market.

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Our Kitchen Appliances

The kitchen appliances that we offer include:


One important item that cannot be missing is your cooker. It performs that all-important task of ensuring that you can get your meal ready. In turn, you don’t want to settle for less when it comes to getting your cooker. We are well aware of this reality at Indesit. As such, we provide access to high-quality cookers that can meet all your needs.

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Ovens are a vital part of every kitchen, especially if you’re interested in baking. You can hardly do without an oven if you want a complete kitchen experience. At Indesit, we recognise the importance of an oven in your kitchen. As such, we offer you access to high-quality ovens that can meet all your demands in the kitchen.

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We offer top-quality dishwashers for sale. Our dishwashers are designed to ensure that you have little to worry about when it comes to washing your dishes. All you need to do is put it on and watch it deliver efficiently.

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Your kitchen is incomplete without your rangehood. It performs a vital function in your kitchen. At Indesit, we recognise the important function that rangehoods play in ensuring that you enjoy a conducive kitchen. As such, we offer it for sale among our kitchen appliances. Even better, we offer high-quality options that will last longer and ensure you get value for money from your investment.

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At Indesit, we offer high-quality cooktops for sale. Our commitment is to ensure that you can enjoy the best possible experience in the kitchen. As such, we ensure you can get convenient access to the best cooktops out there.

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Your cloth is a huge part of who you are. It reflects your culture and disposition to fashion. This is why you cannot afford to go wrong when it comes to your clothes. In turn, you’ll need to keep them in the best possible condition. To achieve this, you’ll need a wide range of laundry appliances. At Indesit, we recognise their importance, and we offer them for sale.

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Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Are you looking to start that restaurant?

Are you looking to start that restaurant? Then, you’ll need a wide range of commercial kitchen equipment to get things done. In this case, you’ll need more than the normal kitchen appliances in your home. We recognise the importance of getting the right commercial kitchen equipment to ensure that your business can run properly. As such, we offer you bespoke commercial kitchen equipment that can meet your needs.

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Location : We are in Australia.

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